The 2nd OSD Training Workshop in Greece took place on the 26th of September 2018 at CTI premises in Patras. It was jointly organized by CTI and Ellinogermaniki Agogi, however BCU team lead the flow of the workshop presenting the updated Training Framework and indicative school activities.  Ten attendants related to schools participated in the workshop. With regards to the participants’ profiles, it should be noticed that only 3 of them were teachers and the rest were cultural mediators who work with migrants, social workers and psychologists who work to immigration hub in Andravida (a city near Patras).

At the beginning all the workshop attendants introduced themselves and explained the reason they wanted to participate in OSD workshop. The first part of the workshop included a brief description and overview of the project

  • Purpose of the workshop
  • Open School Doors Learning Outcomes
  • Introduction to the stage of the Open School Doors learning cycle

Then, participants were asked to reflect about the schools as contexts for parental engagement with newly arrived families and later the created and shared artefacts to reflect on realities of parental engagement in their own contexts. The next step was to explore Open School Doors recommendations and evaluate their current practice in light of Open School Door recommendations.

Afterwards, participants were divided in two groups for making an experiment with two proposed activities (a) Spaces and Places and (b)Cultures and communities.

Finally, the participants were asked to identify priorities for change and build an action plan according to OSD principles and their own context.

At the end of the workshop a fruitful discussion was held among the participants and organizers which enabled OSD team to learn a lot from practitioners working out in the field.