The Open School Doors teacher development framework will enable teachers, either individually or collectively, to better support refugee or recently arrived children by helping them to develop more effective strategies for working with parents, carers and families. The framework will enable teachers to:

 Explore and evaluate

  • Models of parental engagement
  • Social and cultural issues that impact particularly on the experience of refugee and recently arrived parents
  • Issues related to literacy and digital that frame interactions between schools and refugee and recently arrived parents


  • Their own communication capabilities and capacities and identify their own training needs – particularly in relation to digital literacy
  • Their local context, identify needs and agree priorities and aspirations for development
  • By undertaking collaborative analysis and evaluation of existing practices, successes and areas for development


  • A personal learning action plan
  • Plans for class/year/school level development (dependent upon roles and responsibilities) that identify roles, structures, resources and training needs
  • Success criteria that articulates and ‘quantifies’ aspirations for impact
  • Strategies for development, interventions, programmes etc
  • Approaches to bringing the wider community on board and working collaboratively with other teachers, managers, parents, governors and young people
  • Structures to support successful implementation
  • Approaches for securing adequate resources – people and ‘stuff’
  • A strategy for piloting and reviewing activities and understanding impact

Evaluate and review

  • Activity and identify future goals and aspirations

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