Open School Doors project aims at reducing disparities in learning outcomes affecting learners from disadvantaged backgrounds such as migrants with specific measures:

  1. Open School Doors tries to inspire and motivate teachers and school managers for cooperating with parents with a migrant background and creating constructive and sustainable partnerships with them.
  2. Its aim is to train teachers and school principals, so that they acquire positive mindsets and skills that will enable parents’ motivation to get also engaged in schooling. Open School Doors will in fact design a Training Framework after examining the skills, needs, local conditions and obstacles that teachers should be able to deal with in order to engage parents with a migrant background. This Framework aims at qualifying teachers to deal with foreign cultures and their specific features in a sensitive and goal oriented way.
  3. Open School Doors does also launch an innovative approach (on pedagogic and technical levels) to train teachers (using online tools apart from face-to-face sessions) as well as social networking applications to connect them with the parents of the participating schools’ pupils.
  4. The project does also constitute a European wide initiative, targeting a final number of 50 schools from 5 EU countries.