The workshop took place on 29th of November in Vienna, Austria. The workshop has been led by Brigitte Haider, Head of EPA in Austria and Laura Rauscher and Christian Reimers, National coordinators of OSD in Austria. 24 participants from 13 schools 13 (one head of the school, one school inspector and 22 teachers) have been present.

After a short introduction about the necessity of the involvement of parents and students in daily school life (legal and research basics and social context) the main features of the OSD project were outlined and the project website has been presented. The actual version of the Training Framework was presented by showing the training framework webpage. The content of each section and how teachers could use it has been explained.

Within an interactive ice-breaker we wanted to challenge the participants by some provocative statements to get to know something about their attitudes, experience and preconceptions related to parents, migrants, child’s rights etc. In the next part of the workshop we used flipcharts for brainstorming and word cloud about: activities, social environment, education, school community, visions and values, teacher trainings, spaces, language (including digital), information and training. This part was followed by a short overview of examples of good practice and inspiring practices.